More than 28 percent of Americans are completely sedentary (they
engage in no physical activity), with an additional 60 percent being
inadequately active (engaging in less than 30 minutes of activity per
day). For those who strive to achieve and maintain a high quality of
health, it must be recognized that physical activity is vital to optimal
health. This is reaffirmed by numerous studies that have found an
association between physical activity, health, longevity, and an
improved quality of life. In addition, the number of deaths related to
sedentary living or obesity is approximately a half-million per year.
Physical activity may impact quality of life in several ways: it can be
used to improve self-image and self-esteem, physical wellness , and
(engage in no
physical activity)
The Training Effect
The Training Effect refers to the amount of effort that You must exert in order to receive the Fitness Benefits from Exercise.

The Training Effect must be of sufficient intensity and duration to produce these Benefits.

Customized 2019 Strength & Cardio Training Plan, designed by Bob, will produce The Training Effect.

Although the programs are individualized to each Client, they all have one common thread - Periodization. Periodization is a carefully
planned, scientific system of organization, which includes built-in volume, intensity and duration changes over the course of a fitness
program, for the purpose of constantly stimulating progress. Without change in a program, the body adapts to the work load and reaches a
plateau. Likewise, change for the sake of change without sound physiological reasoning will undermine
Your progress. In order to make
progress, whether towards losing fat or building muscle, the body must be prepared for each new phase of the training program.  

Fitness Benefits to Strength Training:
  1. Increasing or sustaining healthy bone density (stronger bones),
  2. Improving muscular strength and endurance by 25% to 100% or more,
  3. Looking better,
  4. Improving overall physical fitness,
  5. Improving mood or feeling better,
  6. Increasing stamina,
  7. Gaining greater confidence in one’s physical capability,
  8. Improving balance, functional capacities and independence (older adults),
  9. Managing chronic conditions (arthritis, back pain, depression, obesity, diabetes, for example).   

Fitness Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise Program:
  1. Improved cardiovascular and respiratory functioning,
  2. Reduced coronary artery disease (CAD) risk, and increased quality of life,
  3. Beneficial improvements in cardiovascular and respiratory function include an increased ability of exercising muscles to consume
    oxygen, lowered resting and exercise heart rates,
  4. Increased stamina, resistance to fatigue,
  5. More effective management of diabetes,
  6. Reduced bone-mineral loss,
  7. Decreased blood pressure,
  8. Increased efficiency of the heart. Although it is recognized that specific exercises can be used for the purpose of increasing strength,
    muscular endurance, and flexibility, it is important to recognize that cardiovascular exercise has the most dramatic effect on the body.
    This is because cardiovascular exercise engages large muscle groups in an aerobic manner.

Role of Exercise in Disease Prevention
Studies have shown that exercise can have a direct effect on preventing heart disease, cancer, and other causes of premature death.
Furthermore, participation in regular physical activity may reduce the rate of occurrence of these maladies.

Adequate physical activity is dependent on having a well-rounded program that encompasses all aspects of improving health and preventing

Bob's Mantra is
The Training Effect which will provide You with a well-rounded program, including, but not limited to:
  • Strength (weight lifting, resistance training) Training,
  • Cardiovascular (cardio) fitness,
  • Muscular strength and endurance,
  • Flexibility
  • Posture,
  • Maintenance of body composition.         
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