P Online 2021 Personal Running Coaching
Personalized Running Training Plans for Runners of All Fitness Levels
Increase Your Endurance, Strength, Power and Speed
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  • A complete Personalized 12-20 wk. Running Training Plan from start to finish (no more going

  • Customized Workouts and paces so you know exactly what to do and tailored to your  P Runner
    Category. Daily mileage totals with your weekly volume laid out for you ahead of time.

  • Workouts to Increase your Aerobic Endurance, Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold,
 Anaerobic Capacity and VO2 Max.

  • A breakdown of your Training and specific ways to Improve Your Running.

  • Specific Core and Strength routines for your problem areas.

  • Advice on Injury Prevention and techniques at pain-free Running.

  • Focused Recovery, Injury Prevention, Strength Training Exercises.

  • Performance Nutrition to Maximize Training and Performance.

  • Strength and Flexibility routines to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries.

  • Warm-up routines to begin each and every day of running.

  • Email and phone support.
After walking in many 5ks with my friends, they finally
convinced me to take up running. After reviewing
numerous online running coaching plans, I found
Coach Bob and WOW! He's so personable and his
program is  incredibly priced, very responsive, and was
very attentive at helping me work towards my goals. He
loves talking about running and coaching and is always
available to answer my questions. I can't wait to run my
first 5k with my friends! Thank you Bob.       
           Missy Ann, Tupelo, MS
Some of the Goals that Runners, like you, have Set and Accomplished with their own P Running Training Plan
under the guidance of
Coach Bob
Improve your Running performance and reduce
your risk of injury with your own
2021 Personalized PRunning Training Plan!
"Train with Confidence, Run Injury-Free and Race Faster!"
  • Run your first 5k Race.
  • Run your first 10k Race.
  • Run your first speed workout on the track.
  • Break the Cycle of Injury and Overtraining.
  • Increase Aerobic Stamina, Endurance, Strength and Speed
  • Run your first Half-Marathon.
  • Achieve Optimal Performance Weight
  • Increase Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold, Anaerobic Capacity and VO2 Max.
  • PR in your Chosen Distance.
  • Run your first Marathon.
  • Run the Boston Marathon
  • Excitement & Motivation with Your Own Personalized Workouts.
  • Improving Diet Quality.
  • Lose unwanted weight.
  • Merging Performance Nutrition into Your Personalized P Running Training Plan.
  • A Faster, Healthier and Happier YOU!
Here's what other Runners like You think about Coach Bob's Personalized P Training Plans:
"Train with Confidence, Run Injury-Free and
Race Faster!"
Your Personalized P Running Training Plan will Include:
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After speaking with Coach Bob on the phone, we met at
a local college outdoor track here in Tucson.  He was so
nice and very professional.  After talking about my health
and running history, he watched me run a few laps on
the track. I had no idea how incorrectly I was running
and how it might have contributed to several injuries and
poor performance in the past.  Coach Bob has helped
me improve my running form and my plan has given me
back the motivation and confidence to train on a regular
basis. After 4 months with Coach Bob my running feels
so wonderful and so good. I look forward to running each
day. My long term goal is to start training for the
Marathon and hopefully run in the Boston Marathon.
Thanks so much Coach Bob.
            Melissa, Tucson, AZ
Pates Running and Racing
Join Team PR² of Faster, Injury Free,
Confident Duathletes!
Online Premier Personal Fitness Training!
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PRunner Categories
Set New & Blazing PRs
1-on-1 Coaching with Coach Bob of Team P
Everyone starts from some level of fitness, whether being a Beginner Runner, Novice, Local Champion to Elite Competitor Runner.
In order to begin to put a plan of action, a Plan together for Training and Racing, it is important to evaluate your present level of fitness
and begin to recognize what types of specific work is needed to bring you to your fitness and/or race goals; as well as what workloads
you can safely handle without breaking down. Whatever your level of fitness,
Coach Bob's passion is teaching, motivating and sharing
his knowledge and love of
Running, Training & Racing with You.

Please Note: If you are New to the Running and Endurance Training; Prior to starting a Personalized Running Training Plan or any
exercise program, be certain to have a complete physical check up with your doctor as a precaution.

P Training Plan
These days, time and energy can't be wasted. Get the most out of your Running workouts with purposeful training: P Training Plan
When you train properly, you're building a strong foundation, getting faster and staying injury-free. It keeps training fresh & spontaneous,
while addressing your specific needs and goals. There are a lot of specific ways you can train as a distance Runner, but every effective
Training Plan has one thing in common – they all follow some variant of a
Periodized schedule.

Three of the most common questions about Running are:
  1. How Far should I Run?
  2. How Fast should I Run?
  3. How Often should I Run?

The answers are determined by two other questions:
  1. What is the Purpose of Your Training?
  2. How much can You Tolerate Physically and Mentally?

PTraining, under the guidance of Coach Bob, will provide answers to these questions and others
that come about during your Training! If you’re ready to take the initiative, he can help you enjoy your Running and reach your goals.
Your Personalized
PTraining Plan is designed to eliminate the stress of worrying about your training. Am I Running the right
workout? Is this Run too long? Should I be training more? Speed work? I’ll figure all that out for you so you can focus at getting faster
and having Fun with your own
P Training Plan!

Training methodology is 100% scientific-based and takes the worry out of your training and provides workouts calibrated to your
past results available & takes into account your unique physical and mental traits! Regardless of your
PR² Category, you deserve the
best personal attention & expert training advice! As your Personal Running Coach,
Coach Bob will  provide individualized and expert
coaching that will help you achieve your Running and Fitness Goals and learn more about yourself and the training process.

There may be times when aren't able to achieve certain
Running Goals because your body or the environment won't allow it. But most
often, you'll have issues as a competitive Runner because you want too much too soon and do not respond to the warning signals of
Injury and Overtraining.

P Training will help you set the right Goals in your training that will keep you focused on these warning signals.

To Succeed at anything in Life, you must have Clear and Realistic Goals. My Running & Racing Accomplishments would never have
developed without setting
Goals. Whatever your Goals in 2020 may be, hiring Coach Bob as your Personal Running Coach will help
you achieve those Goals through building your
Confidence and Mental Strength, specific and effective workouts to help you reach your
Goals while staying
Healthy, Happy and Injury-Free.

Personalized Running Training Plans

P Training offers You 2 Personalized Running Training Plans, Customized  to Your Fitness Level, Injuries, Background,
Life Schedule, and Goals:

1)        P Men's Running Training Plan
       P Women's Running Training Plan

No matter if you’re a Beginner, Novice or Local Champion Runner, training for Your 1st 5k or the Boston Marathon, your
PTraining Plan makes sure you’re doing the right workouts and the right mileage to help you reach your Goals.

Throughout your training, I will be there to monitor your progress, adjust the training schedule (if needed), and give you tips and
training advice along the way. Your
P Training Plan gives you the perfect mix of Training Runs, Long Runs, Hill Training,  Interval
Training, Fartlek Runs, Short Runs, Easy Runs
and Cross-Training, to give you the Endurance, Speed and Confidence you need to
achieve your
Running and Racing Goals!

If you are a Beginner Runner, your P Training Plan will teach you to enjoy running and fitness and make it a natural  part of your
life, while building a strong and steady foundation. After a specific amount of time, you will slowly be introduced to
Speed Work  and
Interval Work.  As an Experienced Runner, you will take minutes off your race times, while training Confidently and Injury-free.

The fine line between
Adaptation and Breakdown is precisely where Coach Bob wants your training to occur. He will create just
enough stress to cause a positive adaptation, yet not so much that breakdown occurs through Overtraining. There are three general
Coach Bob will use to determine what is enough and what is too much. It is the unique mix of workload (Intensity), how long
your workouts or interval sessions last
(Duration), and how often you do them (Frequency), that provides the basis for an effective
training strategy that goes into the design of your own Personalized
P Training Plan.

Coach Bob personally Handbuilds each and every P Training Plan. Generic computer programs and training apps do not adjust
for real life circumstances: working late, last-minute travel, kids activities or family issues.
PTraining Plans are not generic or
cookie cutter training plans and take all of this into account as well as taking the confusion out of training. This allows
Coach Bob to
make any necessary adjustments to the training schedule and we can chat anytime you like.