• Individual Profile (including age, fitness level, exercise history, available equipment, medical history, etc.)
  • One-Repetition Maximum (1 RM)
  • Personal Fitness Goals
  • Physical Abilities
  • Life Schedule
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2019 Online Personal Fitness Training   

Exercise Name                                                                     Set and Rep Combinations                 

1        Warmup and Stretch                                                        8 minutes                                                   

2        Leg Press (45 Degree)                                                    20 reps @100 lbs    20 reps @ 105 lbs

3        Dumbbell Squat                                                               20 reps @ 5.0 lbs    15 reps @ 6.5 lbs

4        Dumbbell Step Up                                                            20 reps @ 2.5 lbs    15 reps @ 3.5 lbs        

6        Machine Leg Curl                                                             20 reps @ 10 lbs    15 reps @ 15 lbs       

7        Dumbbell Fly                                                                    20 reps @ 2.5 lbs    15 reps @ 3.5 lbs       

8        Side Lying Inner Thigh Leg Lifts                                      10 reps,  15 reps                                        

9        Side Lying Outer Thigh Leg Lifts                                     10 reps,  15 reps                                         

10      Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                                   20 reps @ 2.5 lbs,  15 reps @ 3.5 lbs        

11      Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise                                          20 reps @ 2.5 lbs,  15 reps @ 3.0 lbs        

12      Dumbbell Triceps Kickback                                             20 reps @ 2.5 lbs,  15 reps @ 2.5 lbs       

13      Seated Toe Press                                                           20 reps @ 15 lbs,   15 reps @ 20 lbs        

14      Reverse Crunches                                                          10 reps            15 reps                                   

15      Bent Knee Crunches                                                       10 reps            15 reps   

16      5 Minute Cardio Warmup                                                      

17      25 Minute Cardio Session

18      5 Minute Cardio Session
3-day Women's Entire Body Shaping Program w/same day Cardio!
12-wk, 3 days/wk
Week 1 - Day 1 of Sample Client 's Plan - 2019
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Before you can even think about Losing Weight, Building Muscle, Body Toning and Looking Your Best, You must have a Plan. Yes. Plan! All too often we have the best of
intentions when it comes to exercise and working out, but we end up spinning our wheels, day after day, month after month, only because we lack the proper Plan, or any Plan at
all. Far too many people hit the gym each week with little to No knowledge and No direction and this inevitably causes frustration, often times leading to not accomplishing your
fitness goal (s) or worst, giving up. I've seen this dilemma way too many times in the gyms, so I decided to end this vicious cycle and help those that are looking for Help.

I (
Coach Bob) will design your own 12 wk. Personalized Strength Training (resistance, weightlifting) & Cardiovascular (Cardio) Program based on Periodization and
customized to your Fitness Goal (s), age, fitness level, exercise history, available equipment and  medical history
. Not only is your program completely personalized, but most
importantly, it is incredibly Affordable and at only a fraction of the cost of my
In-person Personal Fitness Training! There are no limits on your personal contact and feedback to
me.  There are No specific levels of service. Everyone receives the same level of service, chances are you really don't need someone to stand over you and count your reps, but
more than likely, all you need is
eTRAINING to reach your Personal 2019 Health & Fitness Goal(s)!
Your Own Personal Fitness Trainer Is Now
Affordable and Convenient...
If it's time to get serious about You and Your Fitness, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Coach Bob will design a 12-wk  Customized 2019
Strength Training and Cardiovascular Fitness Program
fully customized to your:
Everything in Life is Better & Much More Enjoyable
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The Training Effect
1 RM Testing
91 Beats Per Minute. This is a basic
warmup. Keep things nice and smooth! You
can choose any exercise that feels best to
you. Biking, Elyptical, Jogging, Walking etc.
111 Beats Per Minute. You're getting some
great work in. It's great to exercise and to be
healthy! Focus on your goals and enjoy the
118 Beats Per Minute. Here we go with a
little more intensity! If this is too hard (or not
hard enough) you can fine tune your
recommended heart rate up or down to fit
your individual needs. Have fun!
12-wk Program Progress Explanation
Seniors Strength Training
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Women Strength Training
Why Workout?
Strength Training Myths
  • Your Own 12-wk. 2019 Customized  Strength Training and Cardio Fitness Workout Program designed by Coach Bob!
  • Your Personalized Fitness Workout Program Exercises demonstrated via a Library of 1500+ Instructional Videos accessible
    from any Computer,Tablet or Smart phone.

  • View  Your  Workout  Anytime, Anywhere; Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

  • Unlimited Correspondence with Coach Bob via Text, Email and/or Phone.
Look & Feel Great NAKED!
Please Note: If you are New to the Strength Training/Cardio; Prior to starting this plan or any Exercise Program,
be certain to have a complete physical check up with your doctor as a precaution.
Join Team PR² of Faster, Injury Free,
Confident Runners!
Join Team PR² of Faster, Injury Free,
Confident Duathletes!
Lose Weight, Get Lean
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you Coach Bob for all the help, support and encouragement you have given
me over the past 2 months. I have always struggled to loose weight but after following my workouts,  I have lost approximately 12 lbs and
feel wonderful. I will be getting my body fat checked at the end of 12 weeks and I can’t wait!
Jane – Sarasota, FL

Metabolism Booster
I'm having so much fun with my newly designed training program and cardio too. After each workout, I have so much energy! I’m starting my
3rd week and I’m learning how to use one of the many benefits of eTRAINING. One of my favorites being creating Meal Plans with the
International Database Nutrition Log of over 20,000 Food Items. I Group my  food items and create recipes using the Fridge Feature! Besides
working my own Training Program, there many other great features to take advantage of. Thank you Bob!
                                                        Missy – Los Angeles, CA

Sport-Specific, Golf
Coach Bob is so committed and so passionate about helping his clients that I found myself being driven to train harder than ever. The strength
training plan he designed for me is incredible and it's been years since I felt so strong in my ability to fully coil on my backswing. Coach Bob
has always been very easy to contact. I cannot talk highly enough of Coach Bob’s training services and knowledge. Thanks Coach.
                                                                          Danny – NYC

Women's Fitness, Entire Body Shaping with Same Day Cardio
Training with Coach Bob unlocks all the secrets to a healthy lifestyle! Whenever I speak with him, he has a way to make you feel special and
always makes me feel like you can achieve anything! I’m so happy that I chose eTRAINING and I'm really looking forward to dropping a few
dress sizes!! Thank you Coach Bob
                                                                                         Billy – Brentwood, TN
Strength Training
and Cardio
Workout Program!