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Portland, OR.
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Bob has been active in the Health & Fitness Lifestyle since the age of 13. Besides
participating in basketball, football, baseball and motocross racing growing up, he found his
true niche in Running. He ran high school XC at Loyola Academy, who were IL HS XC State
Champions. He by-passed his HS Graduation ceremony to join the Marines, just shy of his
18th B-day. For nearly a decade, Bob was ranked nationally as an Elite Biathlete, and was
named to the Triathlon Today All American Biathlete Team. His weekly training mileage
consisted of 75-90m Running and 350-450m Cycling in the deserts of AZ! He was also one of
the most fearsome Biathletes in the state of Arizona, as well as competitive Runner holding
5k/10k PRs of 14:55 and 32:08 in multi-sport competition. While competing in the 112-mile El
Tour de  Tucson Cycling Road Race (the largest perimeter race in the country); while cycling
downhill,  a driver opened her door, causing Bob to violently crash through a partially opened
window. Bob suffered many broken bones and most serious was a back injury. Diagnosis was
a Central Herniation of the  L5-S1 disc. Doctors told him that he would never be able to  
compete again, especially at the pro-level. But after many months of physical therapy,
Positive Mental Attitude, the help of God and luck, Bob was back Running, and eventually,
competing again. He beat the odds and began training under a well known Running & Racing
coach in Nashville, TN. His resting heart rate dropped dramatically, his body-fat went to 6%,
his back strengthened, and he set PRs. From 1991-1996, Bob worked as a Hydrogeologist in
Environmental Engineering, while training & competing as a member of The Nashville Racers
Elite Running & Racing Team. In his spare time (25-30 hrs./wk.), he began Strength Training
& Coaching Runners and Duathletes. In 1997, Bob relocated to Tucson, where he worked in
Environmental Engineering & Hydrogeology, as well as working part-time as an ISSA Certified
Fitness Trainer and Personal Running & Duathlon Coach. "I love to compete, but I really
enjoy the science of Running and the training process and working with everyday
hard-working people!" I began focusing more on Running Coaching, and competing only to
stay fit, meet other athletes and enjoy the awesome camaraderie & lifestyle of the Running,
Health & Fitness Scene.

Running and fitness also runs deep in Bob's family. Bob has 1 son, Cristian, who as a HS
Junior, won the District XI HS XC Championships in PA and went on to Run at a major
University. Bob's father was a nationally-ranked marathon Runner at age 74, and  competed
in over 40 Marathons. For over 20+ yrs, Bob has worked full-time with Individuals & Athletes
from 13-75 years of age, helping them to improve their Health and Achieve their Fitness
goals through Coaching, Strength Training, Cardio and Proper Nutrition. From day one of his
Running & Multisport Career, Bob has been self-coached, later becoming a true student of
Strength Training and Running endurance sport competition; learning everything he could
about all aspects of the, traveling, racing, and diet. Besides his formal Health
& Fitness Training, he spent years in the field learning the practical side of Running and
Racing in the midst of top elite athletes & coaches, while residing and training in the dry heat
of Tucson, AZ., as well as the altitude of Boulder, CO. Today, Bob is dedicated to training &
coaching individuals of all ages and levels and helping achieve their Health and Fitness

Bob is a ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and an associate member of USA Track & Field
(USATF), USA Cycling and Tri-Fed USA Coaching Organizations.

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Bob & brother Chrissy
Coors Light Duathlon Series
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Princeton, N.J.
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Phoenix, AZ.
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Pics and Articles
Coach Bob's  Running Racing!
Pics and Articles
1988 Triathlon Today ALL-AMERICAN TEAM
Atlanta GA 96rock Spring Biathlon 5K Run/30K Bike/5K Run
"Atlanta's Largest & Most Popular Biathlon/Duathlon of the 90s"
Princeton, NJ.