eTRAINING vs. In-person Personal Fitness Training?
How Online Personal Fitness Training can be equally effective as
In-person Personal Fitness Training?
When it comes to Achieving Your Health & Fitness Goals there's nothing like having a Personal Fitness Trainer on your side to ensure that everything
is tailored to your needs.
Online Personal Fitness Training has really taken off over the last few years and whilst many people are intrigued by it, they
aren't sure if it really works. The surprising fact is that it can be equally, if not more effective than the more traditional
In-person option.

I know what you're thinking - Really?

Let’s take a look by breaking down the major comparisons:

Personal training is effective because motivation to workout and stick to a healthy eating plan can sometimes be difficult, its good to have a qualified
professional in your corner to make you accountable for your actions and help keep you focused on your fitness goals. Online Personal Fitness Training is
no different, your trainer is always in touch via email/phone, usually more often than an “In-person” trainer, pushing your progress and maintaining a
reassuring connection to you. You'll find that having a trainer literally next to you is not entirely necessary to motivate you to workout. In fact, over time it can
become a problem as you become over-reliant on your trainer being physically next to you and cannot train independently of them. The online option takes a
"soft-touch" approach whereby your trainer stays in regular contact via email etc, encouraging and progressing you but during the workouts it's all down to
you. In the long term you learn to push yourself and use your trainer just like any other component of a healthier life.

It's pretty much a dead heat in this case. Both varieties of personal training are equal in terms of progressing the challenge in your workouts. Your In-person
trainer will move things along during your workouts. Your Online Personal Fitness Trainer will use your workout logs to see how you are progressing and
move things forward for you using this information.

Personal training is one of those things that traditionally is a luxury for those whose pockets are deep enough for it. It's can be very effective in helping you
to truly identify and reach your Health and Fitness Ambitions. There's nothing like having a qualified trainer on hand who is specifically focused on you and
your goals. The downside is that working out with a trainer 3 or 4 times per week is an expensive undertaking and one which is simply too costly for most of
us. An Online Fitness Personal Trainer on the other hand is much more reasonable and you can get a much broader service. The
an Incredible Opportunity for You and
Coach Bob is available to help you with any issue 24/7. This way you can get in shape without breaking the bank!

"Do I need a lot of equipment to get a good workout?" This is a question I hear pretty often. The short answer is NO! A fully equipped gym is great, but not
essential. The truth of the matter is that if your trainer (Online or In-person) is properly trained & skilled, they should be able to design an effective and
challenging program for you that uses nothing more than your own bodyweight, free weights, machines or both. No equipment, no excuse. Coach Bob
discusses all of this with you during your initial consultation phone call.

This is a big one. Results, in the end, are everything. So if you choose an Online Personal Fitness Trainer will they be as accountable for your success (or
failure) as an "In-person" trainer? The answer should always be a resounding YES! Just because your trainer isn't right next to you doesn't mean they aren't
responsible for your results. A good Online Personal Fitness Training service should be flexible to your needs and goals, if you aren't happy with something
you should be able to discuss this with them and resolve it just as easily as if they were in the room with you.

One of the major concepts of Online Personal Fitness Training is that because of the distance between you and your trainer, it focuses on building up your
knowledge of health and fitness so that in a reasonable amount of time you are able to motivate, encourage and account for yourself and can achieve your
goals by yourself.

A study by the
Journal of Medical Internet Research into the effectiveness of On-line vs. In-person based interventions found that those people who chose
Online Options showed results including:

  • Increased Exercise Time,
  • Increased Knowledge of Nutritional Status,
  • Increased Knowledge of Asthma Treatment,
  • Increased Participation in Healthcare,
  • Slower Health Decline,
  • Improved Body Shape Perception,
  • 18-month Weight Loss Maintenance over those who chose the "Non-Web" based option.

That's an eye opener!

Looking long-term, if you want to:

  • Lose or Control Your Weight,
  • Improve Your Fitness,
  • Improve Sporting Performance,
  • Eat a Better Diet

and generally become a
Healthier Person then the most critical component is "Knowledge." Like the old saying goes, "Knowledge Is Power" and Online
Personal Fitness Training
undoubtedly has the capability of giving you that power.

If you want to find out more, take a look at
eTRAINING here. If anything, Online Personal Fitness Training can be a more complete service than the
In-person" choice & you might just find it's the Affordable and Effective missing link in your Health and Fitness you've been looking for.

Enjoy the Health & Fitness Lifestyle!     
When I created eTRAINING (Online Personal Fitness Training), it was for the specific purpose of making Personal Fitness Training affordable for the
average person.  My In-person Personal Fitness Training fees are $25-50/hr. I understand that the average person can't afford this or at least can't justify
paying that amount of money when they have bills to pay, kids to feed, and a family to provide for...hiring an In-person Personal Fitness Trainer and/or
Coach is simply unrealistic for the majority of the population. After considerable thought, I decided on a price of $139 to charge for a
Customized Strength
Training & Cardio Structured Program
, tailored to Your individual, Fitness Goals and Lifestyle? What's Incredible is you get Unlimited Email, Text
and Phone Support
from me (Coach Bob). That's unheard of and pisses off alot of Trainers. This means that you workout on your schedule and you can
contact me from
Anywhere at Anytime!  Of course, you have to contact me during reasonable hours!

However, in order to get phenomenal results in any endeavor, it is important that you utilize the best proven science, strategies and knowledge that can only
come from a true expert [in this case, myself (Bob Pates) I.S.S.A. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Running and Multisport Coach]. One problem here is
that honestly I'd say that at least 80% of Personal Fitness Trainers are grossly unqualified and just fell into this profession because they really like to work
out.  Well, I know some guys who really like to play baseball, but they are not ready to jump into the Major Leagues.  They are simply not anywhere near that

Many industries (such as medicine) require years of study, degrees, and internships to prove competence.  To be a Personal Fitness Trainer on the other
hand, you typically only need a high school diploma and a weekend certification course that is truly a complete joke.  Does this sound like an expert that you
would want to pay $50-$100 an hour to?

Now, this is not to say that all Personal Fitness Trainers are unqualified.  Far from it.  I know plenty of highly qualified Personal Fitness Trainers, myself
I became a true student of strength training and endurance sport competition; learning everything I could about all aspects of the, traveling, racing, and diet. Besides my formal Health & Fitness training, I spent many years in the field learning the practical
side of training and racing in the midst of top elite athletes & coaches. So, I can say with confidence that I not only Talk the Talk, but I've
Walked the Walk
. It's a lot easier for a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer to spot another qualified Personal Fitness Trainer than it is for an average Joe off
the street to spot a highly qualified Personal Fitness Trainer.

To the average person, every Personal Fitness Trainer seems to know a lot because its easy to dupe a novice in any field and Personal Fitness Trainers
(whether they're qualified or not) learn a lot of pseudo-scientific lingo that sounds very impressive to someone who knows little about the subject of exercise

Often people try to get around this issue by selecting the Personal Fitness Trainer who looks the part.  If you want to get in shape, learn from someone who
is in shape right?  Sounds like good reasoning to me.  The only problem with this is that steroids are so prevalent in the fitness world and excellent genetics
can do so much that often when you find someone who looks the part, they are simply on the right drugs or they hit the genetic jackpot and they would be in
phenomenal shape regardless of the quality of their training routines etc.

I can't tell you how many people I have seen throw away thousands and thousands of dollars training with these guys only to finally give up thinking that it was
just impossible for them.  It really saddens me to see this and my heart goes out for these people who are struggling to make a change in their life but are
unfortunately in the classic situation of the blind leading the blind.  Eventually they get so discouraged that they quit.

If only they had started out with a Personal Fitness Trainer who was actually an expert in their field, as well as a Trainer who honestly cares about his/her
clients.  They would have gotten their results long ago and would have been enjoying their new body for a long time now already.  Instead they are no better
off than when they started and the only difference is that they have thrown away thousands of dollars to someone who didn't care enough to truly become an
expert in their chosen field of work.

I have made it my Goal to get incredible results for every serious client who signs up for
eTRAINING, but I can only work with so many individuals on an In-
person (one-on-one) basis, because there are only so many hours in my day.  Also, there are a lot people out there who would love to enjoy the benefits of
what I do, but can't afford my prices for In-person Personal Fitness Training and/or Coaching.

After thinking on this for some time, I finally realized that I could compile a  "Online" Personal Fitness Training System that literally teaches everything that I
teach to my
"In-person" Clients (through video, pictures, and text rather than In-person) and gets the same incredible results that I get for my In-person
Clients and I could charge a lot less for it, because I could set it up in such a way that I could serve an unlimited number of people per day.

By making my
"Online" Services much more Affordable than the cost of my "In-person" Personal Fitness Training would insure that anyone could afford
my services now so that there would be no limit to the number of people I could help get into the best shape of their lives.

There is no more rewarding feeling in life than that of actually serving someone and providing them with something of value and getting to see it change and
transform their lives for the better and I am very excited that I found a way to be able to serve many more people and do it for a price that is so low compared
to the results I provide that it’s laughable.  

Truthfully, maybe I could charge more for this than I am, but my goal is to make my Personal Fitness Training Services "
Affordable" enough that anyone can
afford it.  I don't want there to be anyone out there who can say, "I would like to be in shape but I just can't afford a trainer" or "I'd love to be able to run and
finish a 5k", but h  Well, you can afford this one and you will be getting everything that my In-person clients get.

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eTRAINING vs. In-person Personal Fitness Training
How Online Personal Fitness Training can be equally effective as
In-person Personal Fitness Training
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