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Everyone starts from some level of fitness, whether being a Beginner, Novice, Local Champion to the Elite Duathlete. In order to
begin to put a plan of action together for Training and Racing, it is important to evaluate your present level of fitness and begin to
recognize what types of specific work is needed to bring you to your race goals, as well as what workloads you can safely handle
without breaking down.

Please Note: If you are New to the Duathlon and Endurance Training: Prior to starting this or any exercise program, be certain to have
a complete physical check up with your doctor as a precaution.

P Duathlon
These days time and energy can't be wasted; in the Duathlon and in life as well! As a Duathlete, get the most out of your  Running &
Cycling Workouts with purposeful training:
 P Duathlon. When you train properly, you're building a strong foundation, getting faster,
and the process becomes easier. It keeps training fresh and spontaneous, while addressing your specific needs and goals. There are
different ways you can train as a Duathlete, but every personalized and effective training program has one thing in common – they all
follow some variant of a
Periodized scientific schedule.

P Duathlon Methodology is 100% scientific-based and takes the worry out of your training and provides workouts calibrated to your
past results available! Regardless of your fitness level and whether you're a Beginner Duathlete or an Elite Duathlete, you deserve the
best personal attention and expert training advice!
Coach Bob's job is to design a Personalized P Duathlon Training Plan &
provide individualized and expert coaching specifically for you; that will help you achieve your Duathlon Goals and learn more about
yourself and the training process.

Throughout your training, I will be there to monitor your progress, adjust the training schedule, and give you tips and training advice  
along the way. Your
 Personalized P Duathlon Training Plan gives you the perfect mix of Running and Cycling Workouts,
cross training and strength training to deliver the confidence needed for successful Duathlon competition. If you are a Beginner
Duathlete, your
 Personalized PDuathlon Training Plan will provide you with all the tools necessary to compete in your first
Duathlon and make it a natural part of your life. If you're an Experienced/Elite Duathlete, you will take minutes off your race time, while
training Injury-free and with confidence.  

You may not be able to achieve certain Running and/or Cycling Goals because your body or the environment won't allow it. But most
often, you'll have issues as a competitive Duathlete because you want too much too soon and do not respond to the warning signals of

and  Overtraining. I hear from a lot of Duathletes who are unsure of what to do next or who are dealing with frequent injuries.

Personalized PDuathlon Training Plan will help you set the right Goals in your training that will keep you focused on these
warning signals.

To Succeed at anything in Life, you must have Clear and Realistic Goals. My Duathlon Accomplishments would never have developed
without setting
Goals. Whatever your Goals in 2020 may be, I will help you achieve those Goals through building your confidence and
mental strength, fostering sustainable training, and providing you with a smart and deliberate plan of action, specific and effective
workouts to help you reach your Goals while staying
Healthy Happy, and Injury-free.

Duathlon Training Plans

P Duathlon offers You the following 2 Personalized Training Plans, customized to your fitness level, injuries, background, life
schedule, and goals:

  • P  Men's Duathlon Training Plan
  • P  Women's Duathlon Training Plan

Having a quality Duathlon Training Plan is crucial to having a successful season. P Duathlon specializes in training tools for
Duathletes to make that challenge easier and faster.

P Duathlon Training Plan brings intelligent and systematic training in Cycling and Running to You, customized to your abilities,
tailored to your level of fitness and structured so You achieve your goals.

Coach Bob's P Duathlon Training Plan embraces the philosophy that your body needs to build a solid aerobic base, then later
adds anaerobic workouts as your progress dictates. This program prepares you for a successful competitive Duathlon season by
creating a Training Schedule with the perfect variety of Running and Cycling workouts, designed to specifically improve your fitness and
race times without Overtraining.

Establishing a strong
BASE is extremely important because everything you do the rest of the season depends upon and builds from
that Base. If you are starting from scratch, the Base period allows you to get used to the daily demands of cycling and running.

If this is your first season as a Duathlete, allow up to 12 weeks of good, solid Base preparation before you "graduate" to the  
STRENGTH Phase of training. If you are an experienced Duathlete, you may find that eight weeks is sufficient time to reestablish the
Base you lost during the off-season. One great saving grace about endurance training is that once you have been fit, it is a lot easier to
get that fitness back than it was getting there the first time. Toward the middle of your Base period, you can expect to incorporate a
strength training program two days a week to prepare for the demands that will soon be placed on your legs and arms in the next
phases of your training.

During the Strength Phase. The primary goals here are to work on raising your
Maximum Aerobic Capacity (V02 MAX), as well as
Anaerobic Threshold (AT) and your ability to sustain a high level of work output for long periods of time. During this time it is
also important to maximize muscle strength in your weight training program.

The final working phase of training leading up to your first racing peak is called the
SPEED Phase.  The speed phase is designed to
put the finishing touches on your racing fitness by increasing your lactate tolerance. And the final part is the
TAPER Phase, which is a
vital part to any
Duathlon Racing Strategy.

The fine line between adaptation and breakdown is precisely where
Coach Bob wants your training to occur. Coach Bob will create
just enough stress to cause a positive adaptation, yet not so much that breakdown occurs through overtraining. There are three general
Coach Bob will use to determine what is enough and what is too much. It is the unique mix of workload (Intensity), how long
your workouts or interval sessions last (
Duration), and how often you do them (Frequency), that provides the basis for an effective
training strategy that goes into the design of your own
PR² Duathlon Training Plan.

Coach Bob has helped Duathletes of all abilities improve their times without Overtraining! The P Duathlon Training Plan helps
Duathletes of all fitness levels experience the joy of reaching their potential.

When you're Training and Competing at your best and feeling like nothing can bring or slow you down, that's when the personal
attention of
Coach Bob and your Personalized P Duathlon Training Plan helps you to stay focused. But when you are feeling
down, you also need that personal attention to get out of that space and continue to work successfully at your Goals. Everyone needs a
coach who understands his or hers individual Goals and Motivation.

Coach Bob personally Handbuilds each and every DuathlonTraining Plan. Too often, generic computer programs and training apps
do not adjust for real life circumstances: working late, last-minute travel, kid's activities or family issues. Your
P Duathlon Training
is not a generic or cookie cutter training program and takes all of this into account as well as taking the confusion out of training.
And always remember that old but ever so true saying, "You get what you pay for!"
  • Compete in your 1st Duathlon.

  • Break the Cycle of Injury and Overtraining.

  • Increase Aerobic Stamina, Endurance, Strength and Speed.

  • Excitement & Motivation with your own customized workouts.

  • Merging Performance Nutrition into Your P Personalized Duathlon Training Plan.

  • Improve Leg Strength and Speed.

  • Set new PRs in Running and Cycling segments.

  • Improve Transition Times.

  • Run your 1st Speed Workout on the track.

  • Improve Running/Cycling Form.

Some of the Goals that Duathletes, like you, have Set and Accomplished with P Duathlon, under the guidance of Coach Bob:
Improve your Running/Cycling and performance and reduce
your risk
of injury with your own
PPersonalized Duathlon Training Plan!
"Train with Confidence, Run/Cycle Injury-Free & Race Faster!"
Online Personalized Duathlon Training Plans
for Duathletes of All Fitness Levels.
  • A complete Personalized P Duathlon Training Plan from start to finish (no more going alone).

  • Personalized Workouts and paces so you know exactly what to do and Daily mileage totals with
    your weekly Running/Cycling volume laid out for you ahead of time.

  • Workouts to Increase your Aerobic Endurance, Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold,
      Anaerobic Capacity and VO2 Max.

  • Advice on Injury Prevention and techniques at pain-free Running and Cycling.

  • Focused Recovery, Injury Prevention, Strength Training Exercises.

  • Performance Nutrition to Maximize Training and Performance.

  • Strength and Flexibility routines to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries.

  • Warm-up routines to begin each and every day of your training.

  • Email and phone support.
Your Personalized P Duathlon Training Plan will Include:
Pates Running and Racing
Coach Bob's Duathlon Coaching Plan is kick ass.
He's trained and raced amongst the best in the
sport. I always look forward to my running training,
especially my weekly brick workouts. I have never
felt so strong and so confident at transitioning off my
bike to the final run. I am so stoked to compete in  
2020. The goal is Top 3 in my age group. Thanks
Sean, San Diego, CA   
Due to getting burned and injured by following other coaches   
and their Duathlon generic workout plans, I felt very nervous
and apprehensive during my initial phone interview with Coach
Bob. But oh my gosh, in no time at all he put my mind at ease
and made me feel so comfortable. He is always available and
100% completely supportive of my training and feelings. After
6 months, I am stronger on the bike, faster on the run, injury
free and very happy and satisfied with the entire experience.
Thank you Coach Bob.
                 Vicki, Gatlinburg, TN
Join Team PR² of Faster, Injury Free,
Confident Runners!
I'm so happy with how the 2019 season had gone and super excited at how far
I have come and stoked about how much further I can go. Your duathlon
coaching, encouragement and wise counsel has been invaluable and I know
that I would not have had anything like the season if I wasn't working with
you." I'm so looking forward the 2020/21 Season. To say I am pleased would
be an understatement!
Thanks Coach!                                                Jimmy  Miami, FL
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