eTRAINING [Sport-Specific, Running/Fat-Loss, Build Muscle]
Bob was my Personal Trainer when he worked at Select Fitness here in Tucson. I was coming back from a
cycling injury (patellofemoral syndrome) and I needed an experienced trainer who understood my injury and
I also wanted one who was an experienced cyclist. My PT recommended Bob, and my husband also heard of
Bob from the AZ. running & racing scene. Of course I was nervous and hesitant about trusting someone with
my knee. After meeting Bob, all I can say is WOW! He was very professional, super nice and impressed me
with his knowledge of strength training and my injury. I stayed with Bob until he left for Boulder, CO. I met
up with Bob in July 2010, while running out at Pima Jr. College X-country course. He was still the same nice &
personable guy. We talked and when I got home, both myself and my husband went directly to his website
and purchased his 12-wk. strength training programs; mine is sport-specific for running and Larry's workout
is for losing weight and building muscle. Programs are very structured and both of us are seeing results and
feeling great.  Thank you Bob Pates!
  Jeannie & Larry - Scottsdale, AZ
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