2019 Testimonials - eTRAINING
Sport-Specific, Running/Fat-Loss, Build Muscle
Bob was my Personal Trainer when he worked at Select Fitness here in Tucson. I was coming back from a
cycling injury (patellofemoral syndrome) and I needed an experienced trainer who understood my injury and
I also wanted one who was an experienced cyclist. My PT recommended Bob, and my husband also heard of
Bob from the AZ. running & racing scene. Of course I was nervous and hesitant about trusting someone with
my knee. After meeting Bob, all I can say is WOW! He was very professional, super nice and impressed me
with his knowledge of strength training and my injury. I stayed with Bob until he left for Boulder, CO. I met
up with Bob in July 2010, while running out at Pima Jr. College X-country course. He was still the same nice &
personable guy. We talked and when I got home, both myself and my husband went directly to his website
and purchased his 12-wk. strength training programs; mine is sport-specific for running and Larry's workout
is for losing weight and building muscle. Programs are very structured and both of us are seeing results and
feeling great.  Thank you Bob Pates!
                                          Jeannie & Larry - Scottsdale, AZ
Fat-Loss, Build Muscle
I was tired of going to my health club without a real workout program. Friends helped me with various
weightlifting exercises, but I wasn't seeing any results, so I ended up using a personal trainer at Ballys. I
really couldn't afford it, and after 2 workouts, I told him "no more!" He was absolutely horrible. I was so mad
that I wasted all my time and money. I saw Bob's flier posted at the Chicago Marathon and I sent him an
email.  We spoke for awhile and I decided to try his program to help lose fat. It's been over 3 months and I
love it, and I'm looking really good. I go to my own home page and click on the day I'm working out. If I'm
not familiar with an exercise, I can see a description or watch a video. Bob is always there when I call him. I
told my friends all about Bob and The Training Effect. " You saved me from the Big Box Gyms, Thank you Bob
& God Bless.
                                                                                                           Michelle - Rogers Park, IL
Strength and Power
I'm nearing the age of 40 but I'm now feeling in better shape than I have in years." It sure is great to have
to tighten my belt rather than loosen it. Before signing up with Bob, I really didn't lift weights consistently.
But since signing up with Bob, it's so easy now to workout at the gym. I love going to the gym! I can already
feel a big difference in my level of strength, and I have more energy. My wife can't believe how much I'm into
working out now. Maybe, I can talk her into working out?" Thanks Coach!
 Jacob - Atlanta, GA
Sport-Specific, Volleyball/Build Muscle
When I first signed up with Coach Bob, my goal was to put on some muscle and increase my strength for
our corporate beach volleyball team. I’ve been lifting weights for around 3 years, but was tired of the
magazines and my friend’s workouts, so I signed up for Bob’s sport-specific Volleyball strength & cardio
program. Wow, I'm totally impressed and happy with the workouts! I go to my own web page and print out
my workout and take it to gym! It’s as simple as that! After training with Coach Bob for the off-season,
about 2 months, I have increased my muscle mass by 10 lbs.  As a result, I’m stronger, have more energy
and the best part is I look Fantastic! I would highly recommend Coach Bob’s sport-specific strength training
programs for any athlete who wants to perform better and look better! Thanks again Coach!
Anthony - San Diego, CA
Women's Fitness, Entire Body Shaping
My workouts are great! I love the accountability system. Thank you for everything. My high school reunion is
next month and I can't wait to show my new and improved body! I feel & look better than I can remember.
The other day my neighbor told me that my arms look great and could tell I had been working out .  
 Laura - Nashville, TN
Lose Weight, Get Lean
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you Coach Bob for all the help, support and encouragement you have
given me over the past 2 months. I have always struggled to loose weight but after following my workouts,  
I have lost approximately 12 lbs and feel wonderful. I will be getting my body fat checked at the end of 12
weeks and I can’t wait!
                                                                                                         Jane – Sarasota, FL

Metabolism Booster
I'm having so much fun with my newly designed training program and cardio too. After each workout, I have
so much energy! I’m starting my 3rd week and I’m learning how to use 1 of the many benefits of eTRAINING.
One of my favorites being creating Meal Plans with the International Database Nutrition Log of over 20,000
Food Items. I Group my  food items and create recipes using the Fridge Feature! Besides working my own
Training Program, there many other great features to take advantage of. Thank you Bob!
         Missy – Los Angeles, CA

Sport-Specific, Golf
Coach Bob is so committed and so passionate about helping his clients that I found myself being driven to
train harder than ever. The strength training plan he designed for me is incredible and it's been years since I
felt so strong in my ability to fully coil on my backswing. Coach Bob has always been very easy to contact. I
cannot talk highly enough of Coach Bob’s training services and knowledge. Thanks Coach.
                                                                                 Danny – NYC

Women's Fitness, Entire Body Shaping with Same Day Cardio
Training with Coach Bob unlocks all the secrets to a healthy lifestyle! Whenever I speak with him, he has a
way to make you feel special and always makes me feel like you can achieve anything! I’m so happy that I
chose eTRAINING and I'm really looking forward to dropping a few dress sizes!! Thank you Coach Bob.
                                                                 Billy – Brentwood, TN
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