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PR² Training Program Costs
As your Personal Coach, my goal is to provide individualized Expert Training & Coaching that will help you
achieve your Running and/or Duathlon Goals, learn more about Running & Racing, learn about yourself as
well as provide you with quick accurate, and readily available answers to your questions.  I can be contacted
by either email, text and/or phone. My cell phone is only readily available to Running & Duathlon Clients!

This is the important part. Personal Coaching is a two-way street. Just as I provide you with your training
program, I rely upon you to provide the feedback that will allow me to help you best. Throughout the program,
I appreciate and rely upon consistent feedback (weekly or bi-weekly) via e-mail, text or phone. Let me know
the results of each key workout, race, any problems with the training, upcoming vacations, family commit-
ments, etc. This allows me to make any necessary adjustments to your program  After all, the program you
receive is not set in stone but is a work in progress. It is modified continually based on your feedback and with
the results of each workout and race. Please understand that it is your responsibility to keep me updated on
how the training is going and how you are feeling.

As mentioned (and unlike other coaching programs), I don't limit the number of calls or e-mails from Athletes
who participate in
Pates Running & Racing (PR²). I wholeheartedly welcome and encourage your feedback
as often as necessary, especially in the early part of the training program. I encourage you to ask
any and all questions regarding your personalized PR² Training Program. Let me know how things are going -
both physically and mentally. You are the only one who truly knows your body and fitness level so I rely on
your feedback to keep your program on the fast track to success.

Step 1 - Purchase Your  2018 PR² Training Program...

The Costs for each PR² Training Program are listed below. This costs includes the complete package
described above as well as Unlimited contact via email, text and phone. There are no limits on personal
contact nor are there varying levels of service/benefits. All Runners receive the same level of service.
After payment, please proceed to
Step 2.

STEP 2 - Please complete Your Intake Assessment and Athlete Questionnaire after
Purchasing Your
2018 PR² Training Program...

After Purchasing Your Program, Please fill out both the Assessment/Intake Questionnaire and Athlete
Questionnaire. Both questionnaires will gather information on you, your health, your training, your racing
history and your goals. This information will provide the specifics on your level of commitment, your available
time, and your lifestyle. Armed with your completed Questionnaires, your Customized Training Plan is built
specifically for you -  Please note that all the information you provide is confidential and protected and Coach
Bob Pates will never sell, barter, rent, or give out any contact information to anyone. We keep all information
to ourselves.  We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone, no one, nada, zilch!

STEP 3 - Your Interview and Follow-up Phone Call...

I will call you to introduce myself and get a better understanding of where you're at with respect to your
Training as well as go over any concerns that I have regarding your completed Questionnaires. I will also
answer any questions and concerns that you may have regarding
PR² Coaching Program.

STEP 4 - Your Personalized 2018 PR² Training Program Design...

Lastly, I will take all the information gathered through your questionnaires and phone interview and I'll Build
your Personalized Training Program. You will get a customized & detailed training plan for
12 to 18 weeks,
within 3-5  days.

STEP 5 - Your Personalized 2018 PR² Training Program Arrives!
Once your Personalized Training Program is completed, in 3-5 days.
Your Running  Workouts will be made available on the Running Platform -
  • Runzalot is a Simplistic  Free Web service, which offers a suite of tools to plan your training, track your
    workouts and health and then analyze it all.
  • Runzalot makes it easy for Coach Bob and YOU to collaborate though a simple yet powerful set of
    online tools.
  • Runzalot will also be discussed during our Initial phone interview.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your 2018 PR² Training Program comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The results of any Training
Program are dependent on the effort and dedication of the Athlete. I know that you will enjoy your Program and
if you follow and work your Program, I can guarantee that you will get to the starting line Injury-Free and your
race times will get Faster, race after race! How fast will be dependent on you and your dedication to your
Training Program.

I sincerely believe that you will enjoy working with me as your Personal Coach. My passion is teaching,
motivating and sharing my knowledge and love of Running,Training and Racing with You. If there is something
that you don’t like  about your PR² Training Program, please email or call me and I will make it work for you. I
want you to believe and enjoy your training.

Thank you very much for choosing me, Coach Bob, as your Personal Coach. You have made an excellent &
wise choice.  I look forward to working with you and assist you in achieving your goals! You will be contacted
within 24 hours of payment confirmation to initiate your program.


Coach Bob Pates                                                                                        
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